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Cloud Cover 18K White Gold Tassel Necklace


"All art is autobiographical. The pearl is the oyster’s autobiography."
-Federico Fellini

Beautiful, deep Tahitian Pearls adorn and complement the Onyx uniquely engraved and placed throughout this tassel necklace.

*The Tassel Pendant is removable from the necklace portion for versatility...where the pendant with another necklace or simply where the necklace to dress down the look!

18K White Gold

2.35 Cts White Diamond

128.54 Cts Onyx & Topaz

12.54 Cts Pearl


36 in. Long (With tassel pendant)

The pendant is 3.5 in. Long
The cap of the pendant is .5 in. Wide and the Pearls spread to approximately 1.5 in. wide when hangin