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My Favorite Self-Care Routines

My Favorite Self-Care Routines

There has been a lot of talk around self-care routines. In the past they have gotten a bad rap because taking care of ourselves seems to be last on the priority list. Which seems a little backward doesn’t it?




Why is putting ourselves first a crime? I want to be apart of the conversation that puts our health and well being first. As the saying goes, you can’t give from a dry well. 


This week I decided to take you through some of my favorite self-care practices. They aren’t radical but I think just talking about how we take care of ourselves opens up a new way of thinking. It takes the shame out of it. Here are a few of my favorites:


Morning Mindfulness

I take anywhere from 5-20 minutes every morning to be present. The days get away from us so quickly that if I don’t make this a priority first thing in the am I will never get to it. Sometimes this looks like yoga, other times it could be a quick meditation, but it can also be just sitting outside in the beautiful sunshine, listening to the birds and drinking some coffee. 




Afternoon Break

If I don’t schedule an afternoon break than my entire day feels like one huge work meeting. I make a point to spend an hour truly enjoying something other than work. This might mean a beautifully prepared meal, or flipping through some magazines or Pinterest for inspiration. Whatever it is the only rule is that I truly love it and want to do it. This is one of my favorite times of the day.




Nighttime Relaxing

I love baths. In my opinion it’s the best way to end the day and transition from work mode to home mode. I love my work and It’s hard to stop thinking about it but my bath time ritual dissolves the stress and helps me prepare for a night of rest and rejuvenation. 





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