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My (Super Easy) Holiday Decorating Ideas

My (Super Easy) Holiday Decorating Ideas

As you know I’m in the middle of a renovation and my home is a bit of a construction zone, but that won’t stop me from decorating for the holidays. This time of year is one of my favorites because the simple beauty of nature shines the brightest right now.

I want to share my favorite (and easy) tips for holiday decorating to show you that it doesn’t have to cost a fortune or take a ton of time to make your house feel festive.

 The first tip isn’t necessarily a decoration but more of a sensory experience and that’s music. I love dedicating one genre to a specific day of the week throughout the year. During the holidays I tend to get tired of holiday music because I play it so much, I combat that by only playing holiday music on the weekends or only at night or in the morning, etc. I also love to go even more specific and create playlists for classic holiday music, these older songs really remind me another time and place when life was simpler.

Second tip is to bring the outdoors in. Go outside and start gathering anything you see, nuts, acorns, pinecones, leaves, etc. The trick is to get a bunch of the same thing and place it in a big bowl, vase or unique container to showcase the volume. You can do this with produce at the grocery store as well, like cranberries or red and green apples.

And finally, don’t forget about the bathroom. Bathrooms get neglected during the holidays and it’s important to put a little attention there. I love to add small tea candles and/or small glasses with a flower or two. I know that when I visit and someone as put fresh flowers and good smelling candles in the bathroom, I feel special.

I hope some of these ideas help you get in the holiday spirit without feeling overwhelmed, because if I have one over-all tip for you it’s to enjoy the moment. The memories we make with friends and family will last forever and the holiday decorations will be put away in January.


Happy Holidays!

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I have a new hobby (besides this renovation) and It’s cooking. I have always enjoyed cooking because well, it’s a necessity but recently I have decided to take cooking seriously. I want to get really good at it and more importantly, I want to fully enjoy the experience.
Stephanie Kantis
The timing is perfect for my new hobby because as we are renovating our new home, and I’m focusing on the kitchen. Anthony and I really want the kitchen to be the center of our home. We want people to gather there to feed their souls and their stomachs.
My idea is to create a Chef’s Kitchen with all the trimmings. I have spent lots of time and attention into the details and the materials, to ensure that this space feels clean and organic. A place to get creative and make memories.

I want to slow down every day to focus and put attention on the food I make and what I feed my family. This involves all the senses. Touching the produce, hearing the sounds in the kitchen, smelling the smells and seeing the colors of the rainbow. I believe that being fully involved in all aspects of eating develops presence and gratefulness for our bodies and our food.

We are so lucky to have a beautiful farmer’s market just steps away from our new home. Anthony and I are so excited to spend Saturday’s picking our favorite seasonal veggies and fruits and cooking in our beautiful new kitchen. I can’t wait to share the finished product.
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