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The Classic Hits (A Gift Guide) 

The Classic Hits (A Gift Guide) 

Yes, yes I know this time of year we are hit with tons of “gift guides” and lots of ideas of how to buy the perfect gift. It feels as if everywhere we look we’re being told to buy buy buy.

I love giving gifts but I hate the stress and pushy marketing. I want to share with you a gift guide of sorts that also doubles as the greatest hits from every collection. This way you can see what pieces in the collections (year after year) have always been the perfect gifts. No pressure, just suggestions based on what has always worked in the past. 

I think the holidays are a great time to give people timeless pieces, the tried and true. The pieces that build collections and fill holes in any style genre. When I talk about classics I just don’t mean classic as a style but the classic pieces that are at the base of every style.

Check out the guide below, it’s broken up by category and includes only the best pieces that have always been top sellers and never go out of style.

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