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Trends That Never Die

Trends That Never Die

Fashion month is wrapping up and I love to watch and observe not just for motivation (because there's tons) but for style trends. Accessories are a huge part of any runway and every season I pay close attention to see what’s happening in the world around me.


I can’t believe it, but for yet another season we're seeing the statement earring going strong. Of course there're some other jewelry trends happening but the trend that's refusing to die is the statement earring. There are some variations on this trend of course and I want to talk about that.



I am really loving the mix-n-match trend. That’s using two different earrings to make one pair but with a cohesive element. There are a few ways to make this work if it sounds crazy to you.



You have to find a common element, like metal, color or style. Something that’s really working lately is two different sizes, using the idea of disproportionate scale. Example, a stud with a longer chandelier earring. 

Of course I've thought of a lot of cool ways to do this with my own pieces so check out the ideas I have put together for you here. These are my favorite combos. If you have created some of your own, let me know!


Till next week,




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