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Spring Rewind

Spring Rewind

Can you believe it’s March?! Crazy how fast this year has been moving. I had to take a minute to sit back and revisit the year’s goals/dreams. I make sure to do that at least every quarter but sometimes it’s nice to do it at the beginning of a month, because there’s a real good energy around the first of the month.

The areas I love to look over and make sure I’m still wanting to accomplish the goal I set in the beginning of the year are typically: mind/body, home/family and work.





I know it’s hard sometimes because life in general is so overwhelming and looking at what you’re not doing is a little deflating, but I think coming to terms with what you can actually accomplish is quite liberating. When you’re super honest about the goals you made, you can actually start making them happen.



My favorite way to do this little ritual is to make it as fun as possible. I always set aside a few hours where I know I won’t be bothered or stressed by outside elements. I have my favorite snack and drink with me, maybe light a candle, and sit down in my favorite space in the house. 




While it may sound silly, setting up your environment is really important for creative and mental work. It sets the tone and makes it easier to handle the task at hand. I have included some of my favorite motivational quotes that help me when I feel the need for a little pick-me-up.



I hope you enjoy and get closer to everything you want.


Till next week,


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Flower Power

Flower Power

This past Tuesday, March 20th was the official Spring Equinox, aka the first day of Spring for the northern hemisphere. This date signifies longer days and fresh starts for a lot of people, and who doesn’t love those two things.




The date is chosen every year depending on the length of day and night time. When they are both equal, as close to 12 hours each, then that date is marked. For the southern hemisphere Spring starts in September. 



Lots of festivals take place around this time of the year and ancient Christianity links Easter to this idea of being reborn. For us, it could be a great excuse to detox and clean out the old.




The collective energy around the start of Spring feels magnetic. Spring cleaning feels like we have a new chance at the new year almost. This is when I get rid of the physical and mental stuff that is no longer serving me. 




So now is a good time to ask yourself, what do I need to let go of? It might just a be a little clean closet out or planting some new plants. Figure out what feels right. I LOVE adding new flowers and pants to my home. In fact, I’ve crated a little mood board of my favorite flowers and plants right now. I hope this inspires you to create something new in your life.


Till Next week,



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