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Goals vs. Dreams

Goals vs. Dreams

Happy New Year! (cue the confetti) I hope everyone had a sensational New Year and relaxing holiday with family and friends, we did! I know right now there is a lot of talk about resolutions and all that, but I wanted to bring up a new idea that I heard recently and decided to take to heart.





This is a resolution for your resolutions. Instead of thinking about them as goals, because that word gets thrown around so much and goals seem like these hard to attain tasks we add on to-do lists that never get done. What if we changed the thinking around goals to dreaming instead?





Doesn't that just sound so magical. As we become adults it seems the world tells us to stop dreaming, get your head out of the clouds and get “realistic.” It’s sad. We should never stop dreaming and we should all start dreaming big this year. 2018 is the year where we dream big and make things happen. 




If you haven’t already, get out your phone, or a pen and piece of piece. Start writing down everything you have ever wanted to accomplish. Stop editing it because it’s too wild or not possible. Write it all down, get all the ideas out. Then tackle the ones that make you feel the most excited/scared.

Forget about goal-setting and lets create the lives of our dreams, literally. Here’s to a magical year ahead.

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