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My Inspiration - FALL '17

My Inspiration - FALL '17

Excited to share something I've been working on for a Fall '17 Collection inspiration. I've talked about how I get inspired on the blog before so you have an idea about my process but this week I want to talk about the inspiration mood board behind the collection.

It won't be too much of a surprise for you guys because you know how much I LOVE New Mexico and the Native American culture. I spend so much time there that I had the chance for this collection to be very thoughtful and intentional.

 I created a mood board for this collection and am sharing a lot of the images here with you. I wanted the feeling to be bold and sacred while invoking an energy of spirit. Spirit that lives in the earth, the water, the plants and the people. 

The colors I used this time around represent elements of this culture like, light green jade, smoky topaz, red tigers eye, moonstone, etc. The color story is light.

I found these colors in the textiles and homes around the area. I also took a note from mother nature and used her majestic beauty as a compass. I wanted to focus on simplicity, this has been a huge word for me throughout the year. Getting back to the basic elements of my design and my inspiration. 

I think we all tend to make everything more complicated that it has to be. The beauty is right there in front of us, as pure and simple as possible. I hope you enjoy this collection.

Go check out the collection on the website HERE!

Til Next Week,


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