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It’s not over yet!

It’s not over yet!

I can’t believe it’s the end of July. I know I say this every year, but where did summer go!? While we’re past the middle point it’s also safe to say that we have a few good weeks left.




Now is the time to really get in all those dreamy summer activities, like afternoon pool hopping and lazy morning book reading sessions. Summer is my favorite time for doing nothing. It’s really the only time of year I feel like I can completely let go and just be. 



The funny thing about all this relaxing is that you really do have to plan it out. If I don’t plan time to relax and just chill, the hard working go-getter in me will never take a beak, so I plan my lazy summer days.



At least one morning and one afternoon a week I make it a priority to dive into a good book with my favorite iced beverage or walk along the beach collecting shells and listening to the waves. Nature makes everything better and I try to squeeze as much of the summer sun in as possible.




My advice to you is to really take the time to plan to do nothing before Fall hits and you find yourself scratching your head wondering where the time went. This doesn’t have to be a whole day or week, just take an afternoon here and there and watch how refreshed you feel.


Till next week,

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My Perfect Palm Beach

My Perfect Palm Beach

Now that it's summer and all the snow birds are gone, I’ve really been enjoying the quieter side of Palm Beach all to myself. I realized I should share with you my perfect Palm Beach weekend.

Below you will find my favorite things to do in this town that has become my second home and so much more.





 Dinner (



    • Kicking off the weekend at my favorite Friday night spot, Imoto. The vibe is very New York meets Palm Beach and I love it. A mix of my favorite places.




       Yoga (



      •  I love to start the weekend off moving my body at Haute Yoga. The classes are always exactly what I need to get my mind in the mood for a relaxing yet productive weekend.


      Breakfast/Brunch (



      •  Then I will stop by the Island Bee and grab a wheatgrass shot (because it’s so good for you, and quick!) and a green juice or smoothie. I usually go with whatever I am feeling that day.


      Shopping (



      •  I love to stop by my friend Michelle Farmer’s boutique. She has amazing beachy resort wear and everything is so well edited and thoughtful. They make you feel like you are in their living room when you’re in the store.


      Dinner (



      •  Echo is my number one dinner recommendation at all my friends who visit Palm Beach. I love sushi and they do beautiful artisan dishes, not your typical sushi place. It’s quite the experience and the atmosphere is insane. Definitely get the edamame to start, the sauce is so good, I can never get enough. They need to bottle that stuff!





       Spa (



      • I love the breakers spa for a little me time on Sunday morning. I usually spend a little extra time there to just be with my thoughts and soak up all the peaceful silence.



        • Strolling down Worth Avenue with a coffee and my husband is always a fun Sunday thing to do. I just love to look and see the beautiful architecture and trees. I am always amazed at how colorful Palm Beach is. Great Inspiration.


        Early Dinner (



          •  I love to eat an early dinner on Sunday and get home early and just enjoy my beautiful home. We love to eat really fresh and PB Catch is perfect for that. The Oyster selection is top notch and the staff is so knowledgeable. I feel like I learn something every time I leave there.





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