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My Happy Place

My Happy Place

For the past three years I have been spending my birthday weekend in Sedona, Arizona, it’s become my happy place. There are so many reasons I feel so connected to this place, you will see in the pictures below, but it’s the nature and energy that top the list.

This year we stayed at the Enchantment Resort and visited the Mi Amo Spa. I felt so relaxed and peaceful, I couldn’t have had a better birthday. As the years pass, I find that spending time alone with my husband feels right instead of a huge party.


Most of my design inspiration comes from nature and travel, and for a while now Sedona has been the source of that. The colors, the textures, the composition of the land, everything sparks my creative spirit.


Ok, enough of my rambling, check out the images I took from my last trip and enjoy the beauty that has become my home away from home.

Til Next Time,
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