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What to Wear Where

What to Wear Where

Now that we’re all thinking about our summer travel plans the next logical thing to think about is what to pack. Vacation can be hard to pack for when you aren’t sure of where you’re going or what exactly you’ll be doing. The weather plays a factor too but one way I stay stylish is through my accessories.

Jewelry is so easy to pack and can completely change an outfit. I have put together some of my favorite combinations depending on where I’m going. My favorite vacation of late has been upstate New York. Dressing for the country has brought me so much joy and new creativity to my looks.

Check out my ideas for a few other favorite spots.


The Beach


The Country 


The Lake



Til Next Week,


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Summer Lovin’

Summer Lovin’

Spring is here and has been here in south Florida. The weather is beautiful and now everyone starts looking forward to the next big thing…Summer Vacation!

As a kid I absolutely loved summer growing up in the Midwest. Even though I live in sunny South Florida for most of the year I still can’t help but get excited at the prospect of Summer.

I know it might feel a bit early but I’ve been doing some research about summer adventures in the U.S. and I thought you might want to see. This country really has some amazing places to visit and I hope to get around to some of them.  See some ideas below:


Portland, OR

This city has some of the best farmers’ markets around so you can literally taste summer. Also known for some of the country’s best microbrews, you can grab a beer and a bicycle and see some of the most beautiful waterfalls.


San Diego, CA

Known for it’s year-round beach weather, San Diego is more than just a famous zoo. It’s attractions like SeaWorld and Legoland make it perfect for families and couples alike.


Denver, CO

An oasis for outdoor lovers, this city is full of fun activities. During the summer the friendly locals are out and about enjoying the fabulous hiking and mountain biking along with the visitors.


Minneapolis, MN

While it isn’t known for it’s overall weather, this city makes Top 10 lists all the time for summer travel. It seems that the harsh winters make the locals a little stir crazy and once summer comes around there is lots to do outside.

Til Next Week,

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My Happy Place

My Happy Place

For the past three years I have been spending my birthday weekend in Sedona, Arizona, it’s become my happy place. There are so many reasons I feel so connected to this place, you will see in the pictures below, but it’s the nature and energy that top the list.

This year we stayed at the Enchantment Resort and visited the Mi Amo Spa. I felt so relaxed and peaceful, I couldn’t have had a better birthday. As the years pass, I find that spending time alone with my husband feels right instead of a huge party.


Most of my design inspiration comes from nature and travel, and for a while now Sedona has been the source of that. The colors, the textures, the composition of the land, everything sparks my creative spirit.


Ok, enough of my rambling, check out the images I took from my last trip and enjoy the beauty that has become my home away from home.

Til Next Time,
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