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New Chapters

New Chapters

Summers are perfect for reading. I love to edit my summer reading lists and share them with my friends. There is something so fundamental about sharing stories with friends. I love reading books and talking about the plots, characters and emotions. So I decided to share my summer reading list with you in hopes that you can share with your friends and family.


My picks for Summer 2018:


You think it, I’ll say it by Curtis Sittenfeld

A collection of stories with fun and witty women doing things we can only dream about. 




The High Season by Judy Blundell 

Every summer has to include a book that takes place at the beach. This is the one.




Love and Ruin by Paula McClain 

Based on real events in the 1930s this novel has love, war and everything in between.




A Place for Us by Fatima Farheen Mirza 

This book has been getting a lot of press because it’s editor is a little lady known as Sarah Jessica Parker but this novel centered around an Indian family reunited at a wedding is sorry-telling at its greatest. 




Now if you read one of these books let me know in the comments below and share it with your friends so you can talk about your favorite parts with your favorite people. 

Till next week,


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