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Summer Solstice

Summer Solstice

The Summer Solstice was this week and I don’t know about you but I’m a mix of excitement, (Summer is Here!) and anxiety (the year is half over, how did that happen?!).



I think it’s a perfect time to use both of these energies. Let’s get excited about the second half of the year. I know you have a list somewhere that you made way back in January that’s hidden in a file or on a desktop. Pull it out and now’s the time to remind yourself of those goals, dreams, ideas, etc.



Now that you have these reminders in front of you, you need some motivation.  I have pulled together some of my favorite up-lifting, butt-kicking quotes, words, images below. So take it all in and when you’re done, take some action! I am right here cheering you on.



 Til Next Week,




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How’s it going?

How’s it going?

I read an article that said this week is the week most people fall off the resolution bandwagon, meaning they start slacking on the commitments from January 1st.  In fact, studies show that more than 30% of people quit working towards the goals they made at the new year just two weeks after they made them.

I know how hard it is to stick to making changes (don’t we all), especially when they are changes we have been trying to make for years. I also know that what motivates me is hearing the stories of others who have gone through similar difficulties and have come out on top. I feel as humans we can learn so much from each other. What works for someone else might also work for us.

I have included some of my favorite quotes that I hope can serve as motivation when you're feeling weak. I love to be inspired by words and beautiful images. My intention is that you share them as well. We all need a lift, or a kick in the butt, sometimes. 

Til next week,

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