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It’s not over yet!

It’s not over yet!

I can’t believe it’s the end of July. I know I say this every year, but where did summer go!? While we’re past the middle point it’s also safe to say that we have a few good weeks left.




Now is the time to really get in all those dreamy summer activities, like afternoon pool hopping and lazy morning book reading sessions. Summer is my favorite time for doing nothing. It’s really the only time of year I feel like I can completely let go and just be. 



The funny thing about all this relaxing is that you really do have to plan it out. If I don’t plan time to relax and just chill, the hard working go-getter in me will never take a beak, so I plan my lazy summer days.



At least one morning and one afternoon a week I make it a priority to dive into a good book with my favorite iced beverage or walk along the beach collecting shells and listening to the waves. Nature makes everything better and I try to squeeze as much of the summer sun in as possible.




My advice to you is to really take the time to plan to do nothing before Fall hits and you find yourself scratching your head wondering where the time went. This doesn’t have to be a whole day or week, just take an afternoon here and there and watch how refreshed you feel.


Till next week,

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Swiss Family Vacation

Swiss Family Vacation

  October turned out to be such a beautiful time to be in Europe. I wasn’t sure if this was going to be a family vacation but my mother had already planned a river boat cruise from Amsterdam down through Germany and I was scheduled for a fine jewelry conference in Vicenza, Italy.  When we were finished with our respective trips I decided to meet them both in Zürich and toured the city for a few days.

My mom's husband, Gordon, headed back home to the states, and my mom and I continued to several cities in Switzerland before ending our trip with a three day shopping spree in Milan. It was such a great trip and I wanted to share a few images with you guys.

We started in Zurich, which is a Swiss German speaking city. This is me and mom enjoying the scenery and talking about how fascinating with all it’s multi-languages Switzerland is.



Red flowers and multi colored buildings with shutters are so typical of northern Switzerland and this was a shot of my favorites. Also, we couldn’t resist inducing in some of the best chocolate in the world- Laderach Swiss chocolate, yum!




Next on our tour was Lucerne Switzerland. It’s still considered central Switzerland and is Swiss German speaking. We loved the old wood bridge internationally known. I am sure you can recognize it from a movie or two. Also, everywhere we looked there were fountains and flowers.




We got brave one day and climbed the big medieval tower walls. To our surprise on the other side were these fabulous long haired cows! We couldn’t stop taking pictures of them!




Next stop, we headed to the western side of Switzerland. These are the French speaking cities along the northern part of Lake Geneva. I found a beautiful spot to take a picture.




We then took a train with the most amazing views and had a beautiful lunch and a glass of wine on Lake Geneva.  On the way to Lausanne we witnessed many beautiful chateaus and villages dreamily wiz by.




We made it to Bongiorno. Here we are in the Italian speaking section! This is the southernmost lake in Switzerland and the city of Lugano. Mountains are all around the beautiful lake and this was the view from our hotel terrace and a shot of a fabulous Italian villa.




Just look at this view from Mount Bre. We had a fabulous lunch and spent the afternoon enjoying nature’s bounty. How perfect did my earrings match Lugano. The sodalite stone was perfect with the lake blue water. So much inspiration and I can’t wait to go back.




Till Next Week,




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Wait! One More...

Wait! One More...

As the summer is winding down, I want to get the most out of it as possible and sometimes a quick little getaway is just the thing. Yes, week-long vacations in some far-away location is always welcome but sometimes it’s just a quick little road trip that’s all you need to refresh and reset for the Fall.


I have put together my three-favorite quick and easy trips for my Floridian friends. If you have a favorite I missed let me know. I’m always looking to add to my list. Florida is full of surprises and here are some of my favorites.


If it’s beaches you’re looking for…Naples!


The southwest side of Florida has a lot to offer that sometimes gets overlooked for the busier trendier southeast side. One of my favorite hotels to stay at is LaPlaya Beach & Golf Resort. There is plenty of things to keep everyone happy. A beautiful private beach, spa and an 18-hole golf course. One of my favorite local breakfast spots is Sunburst Café, they serve phenomenal coffee and even better sweets.


If it’s art and culture you’re looking for…Miami!


I know that most think loud and busy when they think of Miami but you really should be thinking art and culture. So much has been happening in Miami lately and if you are interested in a bold experience this is the town. First stop should be the Miami Design District which has been exploding lately with some of the world’s most luxurious brands and restaurants. Next up, hit the Perez Art Museum Miami, a contemporary modern art museum with awesome views of Biscayne Bay. You can end the day with some drinks at the museum’s waterfront bar, Verde.


If it’s family time you’re looking for…Sanibel & Captiva Islands


Looking to slow down with the kids and take a break from social media this is the place. There isn’t even a traffic light on these islands. You will need to take a boat ride to get to Sanibel but Captiva is accessible by bridge. Casa Ybel Resort has tons of fun activities for kids and a spa for moms. There is also lots of great spots for family photos like the Sanibel Lighthouse and the “Sanibel Stoop” known for its great shelling opportunities.


While it pains me to talk about the end of summer, I hope these quick weekend vacation ideas add a little (last minute) excitement to your summer.


Till Next Week,

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What to Wear Where

What to Wear Where

Now that we’re all thinking about our summer travel plans the next logical thing to think about is what to pack. Vacation can be hard to pack for when you aren’t sure of where you’re going or what exactly you’ll be doing. The weather plays a factor too but one way I stay stylish is through my accessories.

Jewelry is so easy to pack and can completely change an outfit. I have put together some of my favorite combinations depending on where I’m going. My favorite vacation of late has been upstate New York. Dressing for the country has brought me so much joy and new creativity to my looks.

Check out my ideas for a few other favorite spots.


The Beach


The Country 


The Lake



Til Next Week,


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Did you say Spring Vacation?!

Did you say Spring Vacation?!

I know I may be jumping the gun a little bit here but I love to plan ahead especially when we're talking about Spring Vacation. While, for most of the time, I live in the always sunny south Florida, I do remember what it’s like to live in colder climates. Where just the idea of Spring Break can warm your heart when it’s snowing outside.

One thing that can put a damper on Spring Vacation is not planning ahead of time. There are so many places to visit and adventures to take, but last minute planning can take all the joy out of it.  I have had the honor of traveling a lot and love to experience new places.

I have been keeping a list of my favorite places and best advice depending on what you want to experience. I thought it might help some of you to decide where to spend your time this Spring. Check out my ideas below and if you have some of your own ideas include them in the comments. Sharing is caring.

Til Next Week,



  • Yosemite National Park (Hiking, Mountain Biking, Rock Climbing, Paragliding)
  • Hood River, Oregon (For Windsurfing, Paddle boarding)
  • Cape Hatteras, Outer Banks, North Carolina (For Windsurfing, Paddle boarding)
  • Red River Gorge, Kentucky (For Rock Climbing)
  • TransAmerica Trail (For Cycling)
  • Colorado River in the Grand Canyon (For Kayaking, Whitewater Rafting and Scuba Diving)
  • Appalachian Trail (For Backpacking)

Yosemite National Park


  • Krakow, Poland (Old World Charm and Cultural Attractions)
  • Cartagena, Columbia (Awesome beach town, beautiful city)
  • Budapest, Hungry (Known as the more affordable Paris)
  • Barcelona, Spain (Big coastal city with amazing art scene)
  • Nicaragua (Known as Costa Rica without the crowds)



  • Sanibel Island, Florida (Beautiful beaches without the crowds and best shell gathering)
  • Ocean City, New Jersey (Great for kids with a boardwalk, an amusement park, and water park)
  • Perdido Key State Park, Florida (Has some of the whitest sand and emerald-green water)
  • Kiawah Beachwalker Park, South Carolina (Known as Charleston’s best beach)
  • Capinteria, California (Heralded as the world’s safest beach)

Sanibel Island


  • Gettysburg, Pennsylvania (Location of the turning point of the Civil war)
  • San Antonio, Texas (Battle of the Alamo happened here)
  • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (The constitution was signed here)
  • Washington D.C (An obvious addition)
  • Boston, Massachusetts (You can walk the Freedom Trail and visit Paul Revere’s house)
  • Williamsburg, Virginia (Part of America’s Historical Triangle along with Jamestown and Yorktown)




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