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Summer Games

Summer Games

May is like the Friday of months...stay with me here. You know summer is close and you can’t help but get excited. This is the month that I start planning all my fun vacations and trips.

Some of you might even feel like it’s too late, but I promise you it’s not. Some of the best trips I’ve taken came together in May. It’s almost like a fun game, if you’re up to the challenge. The trick at this point to is nail down a few key points.

You need to know what type of trip you want to take but be open to the way the trips happens. An example of this is if you’re wanting a beach vacation. Pinpoint what general area, like let’s say the Caribbean, but let exact locations be open to chance. This way when you are searching you can find amazing deals and locations that you might not of thought of before. 

We get too attached to the exact type of vacations we think we have to take, and I get it. We only get so much vacation a year so we want it to be good but this type of planning has really always lead me to some of the best trips.

Most travel websites are built for this type of planning. The best deals happen when you aren’t tied to the exact dates and location. Again, I know this might not be for everyone, but if this idea gave you a little pep in your step go for it.

Here’s too lots of fun this summer, planned or not.


Till next week,


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