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Swiss Family Vacation

Swiss Family Vacation

  October turned out to be such a beautiful time to be in Europe. I wasn’t sure if this was going to be a family vacation but my mother had already planned a river boat cruise from Amsterdam down through Germany and I was scheduled for a fine jewelry conference in Vicenza, Italy.  When we were finished with our respective trips I decided to meet them both in Zürich and toured the city for a few days.

My mom's husband, Gordon, headed back home to the states, and my mom and I continued to several cities in Switzerland before ending our trip with a three day shopping spree in Milan. It was such a great trip and I wanted to share a few images with you guys.

We started in Zurich, which is a Swiss German speaking city. This is me and mom enjoying the scenery and talking about how fascinating with all it’s multi-languages Switzerland is.



Red flowers and multi colored buildings with shutters are so typical of northern Switzerland and this was a shot of my favorites. Also, we couldn’t resist inducing in some of the best chocolate in the world- Laderach Swiss chocolate, yum!




Next on our tour was Lucerne Switzerland. It’s still considered central Switzerland and is Swiss German speaking. We loved the old wood bridge internationally known. I am sure you can recognize it from a movie or two. Also, everywhere we looked there were fountains and flowers.




We got brave one day and climbed the big medieval tower walls. To our surprise on the other side were these fabulous long haired cows! We couldn’t stop taking pictures of them!




Next stop, we headed to the western side of Switzerland. These are the French speaking cities along the northern part of Lake Geneva. I found a beautiful spot to take a picture.




We then took a train with the most amazing views and had a beautiful lunch and a glass of wine on Lake Geneva.  On the way to Lausanne we witnessed many beautiful chateaus and villages dreamily wiz by.




We made it to Bongiorno. Here we are in the Italian speaking section! This is the southernmost lake in Switzerland and the city of Lugano. Mountains are all around the beautiful lake and this was the view from our hotel terrace and a shot of a fabulous Italian villa.




Just look at this view from Mount Bre. We had a fabulous lunch and spent the afternoon enjoying nature’s bounty. How perfect did my earrings match Lugano. The sodalite stone was perfect with the lake blue water. So much inspiration and I can’t wait to go back.




Till Next Week,




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