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What an amazing holiday Thanksgiving is! It’s one of my favorites, because it’s all about family, being together and most importantly eating. I love to make a big deal out of Thanksgiving. I think the more effort you put into the planning, the more everyone feels the love. I want my family to feel how thankful I am for them, and this is more about the time I put into this day and not the money I spend.

I know a lot of people think in order to have a beautifully decorated table you need to have all the trimming and spend a ton of money, I am not one of those people. One of my best tips for setting a beautiful table is to mix-n-match all my dinnerware. I love collecting vintage glasses and plates, even silverware, and giving everyone their very own place setting. The more different the better.


This amount of thought really shows everyone that I care more than some paper plates and plastic silverware ever will. Plus you’re being so much better to the environment without all that waste.

Now about what we put on those plates. My family is Greek and we love our traditional dishes. We serve Spanakopita (my grandmother always made it) and Kourabiedes, a Greek butter cookie, traditionally a Christmas favorite but we love them so much we break them out at Thanksgiving. Here’s to making this year’s Thanksgiving the most thoughtful yet.


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