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Chain Reaction

Chain Reaction

The past few seasons and even years, earrings have been getting all the love. Statement earrings are everywhere and I love that because I love a statement anything. But I wanted to take a moment to really focus on chains, not statement necklaces but chains alone.



There is so much that can be done with chains via layering. They have the ability to be creative and fun like stacking rings. There is so much possibility to let your style shine through. 




Layering chains in the summer feels so right, something about the simplicity in the different links and the movement. Summer is about flowing and not wearing pieces that are fixed and heavy. I have paired some of my favorite chains together here to give you an idea, but you really should experiment and use what you have.



A few things to remember…scale is important. Pick chains with varying sizes of links, it’s like mixing prints, you don’t want them to be the same.  Length of the chain is also key. You want there to be a difference in where the chains hit your chest. I would start with two chains but three is possible as well if they’re the right ones.




I hope this helps you mix up your summer style with ease and effortlessness. 

Till next week,

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