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This week Starbucks announced a plan to stop using plastic straws as of 2020 in all of their locations. This has the potential of eliminating more than one billion plastic straws worldwide.




We’ve talked about plastic straws on the blog before and how they typically end up in landfills, making them something we all need to use less of. Hearing such a huge company like Starbucks giving them up brings hope to my heart.




The companies change of mind seems to have been started by a plastic straw ban in Seattle, their headquarters, earlier this year. Some stores have already started using adult sippy-cup-style lids in favor of straws. Plastic straws have become less and less eco-friendly as they’re hard to recycle and the ones that do make it into the recycling bins end up being sorted out because of size and weight.




Plastic straws take an average of 200 years to break down on this planet. Ending up in our landfills and most importantly our seas, harming sea life. This news made me think about what we can all do to use less plastic. A total overhaul can feel heavy, but small little changes are the key to making them last. Look for an easy change, maybe that’s bringing your own silverware with you or a glass/steel straw for all your iced beverages. 



Lets make a small change together and see how big an impact we can make.

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