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My Favorite Self-Care Routines

My Favorite Self-Care Routines

There has been a lot of talk around self-care routines. In the past they have gotten a bad rap because taking care of ourselves seems to be last on the priority list. Which seems a little backward doesn’t it?




Why is putting ourselves first a crime? I want to be apart of the conversation that puts our health and well being first. As the saying goes, you can’t give from a dry well. 


This week I decided to take you through some of my favorite self-care practices. They aren’t radical but I think just talking about how we take care of ourselves opens up a new way of thinking. It takes the shame out of it. Here are a few of my favorites:


Morning Mindfulness

I take anywhere from 5-20 minutes every morning to be present. The days get away from us so quickly that if I don’t make this a priority first thing in the am I will never get to it. Sometimes this looks like yoga, other times it could be a quick meditation, but it can also be just sitting outside in the beautiful sunshine, listening to the birds and drinking some coffee. 




Afternoon Break

If I don’t schedule an afternoon break than my entire day feels like one huge work meeting. I make a point to spend an hour truly enjoying something other than work. This might mean a beautifully prepared meal, or flipping through some magazines or Pinterest for inspiration. Whatever it is the only rule is that I truly love it and want to do it. This is one of my favorite times of the day.




Nighttime Relaxing

I love baths. In my opinion it’s the best way to end the day and transition from work mode to home mode. I love my work and It’s hard to stop thinking about it but my bath time ritual dissolves the stress and helps me prepare for a night of rest and rejuvenation. 





Till week,







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Moving IN!

Moving IN!
So, this week we have finally moved into the new condo and while the renovations aren’t done (are they ever!) I wanted to share some fun pictures and what we did. I hope it inspires you or at least gives you a little design break from your day.
This is the fabulous view I see in the morning when I wake up! This is overlooking the east, the inter-coastal and out towards Palm Beach Island. That ocean is already inspiring me.
We don't have the glass in for the balcony yet so I'm following around my kitty, Star to make sure he doesn't jump off. It’s a full time job so far, ha!
I love to have a few " deep thinkers" around along with a fabulous round marble coffee table and a little reminder of my husband's Texas roots with the horns!

The pieces are handmade by women artisans in India and I adore this mirror frame. It’s important to have things you love around.
Some of my favorite collected pieces are  – this Indian wedding chest… I can just feel the history of families loading it with goods for their daughter's dowery. I have made this a bar and of course a place for memories.
This is the main living room. I wanted to create a cozy West Coast vibe here in the East Coast inside a loft. It’s all about making it your own.
Here we have "HIS" bathroom. I'm totally in love with this penny tile 50s vibe with the classic white marble. The hint of black and aged brass gives it that saloon or cigar bar feel for his bathroom. Masculine and clean.

I decided a big cut out to bring in natural light and see the view out of the loft window would be great through the shower. The glass is coming this week and then I'll probably put optional shutters for privacy, if needed. Totally in love with the polished nickel minimalist look of this wall-mounted faucet by Kohler.
As you can see I did love my interior design days. This project has been so fun and really a wonderful outlet for my creativity.
See you next week,
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