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That New (Mexico) Feeling

That New (Mexico) Feeling

I love the start of a new month, feels all fresh and full of possibilities but this month, feels extra special because it’s the beginning of the end of summer. It’s time to get all in those last glorious moments of summer in and really enjoy this moment, which i plan on doing.

My husband and I just got back from our yearly adventure in New Mexico, my happy place! I made a point to take a lot of really great pictures so you can come along with us. I really recommend visiting Santa Fe, it’s so full of natural inspiration. Here we go…



This amazing wall was one of the inspirations for my new Fine jewelry collections. All the organic shapes and fabulous river rocks go perfectly together. Each has been made beautifully over thousands of years with help from the rushing, free flowing water.




My husband and I love the west. There's something about the crisp air, the blue sky, all the earth tones, and the Native American spirit that's in the air.  The fabulous cuisine, artisan villages, and overall "Eco" respect of nature that most of the people seem to share really grounds both of us.  Also, here is a quintessential New Mexico, adobe home! 



In the summer you would think there wouldn’t be a lot of color due to the higher temperatures and the crisp air in the mornings, light afternoon showers and the cool evenings is the perfect combination creating beautiful wildflowers and amazing herbs.



This takes me back to my love of Indian and Mexican textiles. This is but a small sampling of the amazing rugs and pillows woven in this area by Native American tribes still today. It’s so amazing all the art that is being made around me.

 Every summer Santa Fe has an International folk art festival. Look at these adorable handmade wool felt booties! Here's to keeping the folk arts around the world alive and well.

That’s all I have to share for now, I hope you enjoyed that little peek into my favorite summer travels. Looking forward to a little rest and relaxing before the Fall rush starts.

Till Next Week,



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