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Summer Rules

Summer Rules

Memorial day was this past weekend and you know what that means…summer is here!




No matter where you are (even in beautiful West Palm Beach) the start of summer is full of excitement and plans. Sometimes the idea of what could be is even more enjoyable than the actual event. So I really try to soak up this time of year when summer is ahead and there’s so much to look forward to.




I suggest you take time before summer really gets going and you lose track of what you wanted to do. Sit down and write out a list of the things you want to accomplish. Maybe that’s spending more time outside, learning a new hobby, a family vacation to somewhere new, etc. 




If we don’t take the time now and make plans, the summer will fly by like they always do. Get clear, now is the time to make all those summer dreams a reality. 


Whether it’s taking advantage of summer Fridays at work, eating outside more, choosing foods that are perfectly ripe this time of year, do it all! Your life will be so much more sweeter I promise.




Till next week,


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Red, White and Party!

Red, White and Party!

This weekend is the biggest birthday party of the year, Go USA! I can really feel the summer buzz once this holiday hits. It’s full of patriotic feelings and all the other fun stuff that goes along with it like food, friends and outdoor fun.



I also love that family traditions seem to be important around this holiday. I love decorating in subtle ways that reflect the history of traditional Americana but in a modern way. I challenge myself every year to find a few new ways to celebrate while still keeping some of the great older traditions I have.


I have been pinning a lot of new ideas and doing some shopping getting ready for this weekend so I thought I would share.

I also am including a few recipes I have made that I love! I hope this helps you while getting ready for this weekend and making your holiday as beautiful and effortless as possible.



Have a Happy 4th of July,




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