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Beginner’s Luck

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Beginner’s Luck

I wish when I started collecting fine jewelry someone would've given me advice on what to invest in first. Jewelry is one of those things that actually can be a sound investment compared to a lot of other material things in this world. 


But unlike real estate or stocks you can enjoy your investment while you own it. My jewelry collection gives me joy and security, which is the best of both worlds. 



The best advice I can give for starting out with your collection is to pick pieces that you truly love. The great part is that stones and metals can all be changed and re-set to make anything. Styles will change and everyone has different preferences but like fashion there are classics and that goes for jewelry too.


Pieces like thick and thin chains, diamond earrings, bangles, cocktail rings will always be classics. I started my collection with rings because I just love rings and I knew that would make me the happiest and would get the most use in my life. So my best advice to you is that, find what you love and start there. 


Till next week,

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