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The Natural Look

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The Natural Look

One of my favorite parts about designing jewelry is working with natural materials. Throughout my many years of creating I’ve used tons of stones and materials that occur naturally in this amazing earth we are so lucky to be apart of.




I am drawn to the mystic qualities of these pieces. The color and texture is always so unique and perfect, that other man-made objects just can’t compare. I’ve shared with you our annual trips to my favorite gem show out west. It’s at these shows that I get inspired and basically become in awe of mother nature…again and again.


As I was looking through my collections the other day I wanted to showcase some of my favorite pieces that were inspired and created with mother nature’s help. I love sharing my favorites with you guys and I hope you feel the same. 



I would love to hear what you think and what is your favorite naturally occurring material or stone. Sending you lots of love and relaxing vibes as the summer is coming to end.


Till next week,


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