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Heating Up

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Heating Up

As the months get hotter all we want to do is take off the layers and accessories. When I was younger I remember people always pairing down their jewelry and accessories during the summer, but I always thought that this was the perfect time to amp up my style game.



I have always created collections with this idea in mind. The idea that jewelry, like clothing, can be seasonal. I think the mistake is wearing the same pieces you wear during the year, on vacation or at the beach. There has to be some changes made.


These hotter months call for loose fitting jewelry, not so heavy. Not just in weight but in visual appearance as well. That is why you see lots of hoops, and bangles. The lightweight movement of these styles lends itself to the relaxed nature of summer.



I have some favorites, pieces I always find myself reaching for during the summer months. These pieces here are truly the staples I can’t live without once the temperatures rise. I hope this helps you in heating up your unique style.



Till next week,


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