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Jewelry Clean Out

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Jewelry Clean Out

I’m sure you have been feeling it but there is always a detox-vibe in the air come January. I love to take this time to not only clean out my bad habits but to clean out my physical closet. It feels so good when you release the stuff you no longer need. It makes room of new things to come into your live.




I love to follow Marie Kondo’s method. It’s a beautiful approach to learning to how to get rid of what you don’t need or love anymore. I have noticed how well this method works for me when I am dealing with my clothes, accessories and especially my jewelry.



The majority of my jewelry collection includes pieces I will keep forever but I am quite the hoarder of shiny things and can never say no to a cocktail ring or statement pendant, so you can imagine my collection needs a little detox once and a while. 


Follow these rules to hold your own jewelry clean out and be surrounded only by the things that you love:



      - Commit to letting go of what isn’t serving you

      - Imagine what your ideal style is

      - Finish discarding first, then tidy

      - Work by category, not location

      - Ask yourself if it sparks joy



      Good Luck! and till next week,


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