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Ta-da! Big exciting news to share with you all this week. If you’re already on our mailing list then you might know all about this announcement but if not, we would love to introduce you to!



It’s a special project that has been a passion of mine. The past year I’ve really gotten more involved in this cause because it’s truly important to me. I have talked about it quite a bit on the blog, and most of you know how passionate I am about the environment.



The website was created to inspire people to lead a plastic-free lifestyle, using earth-safe products that are purposefully disposed of to support the health of our world. Our vision is lofty…a plastic-free and Waste-Smart world.



I would love it if you visited the website and checked out all the resources we have there as well as followed us over on Instagram and/or Facebook. I know this isn’t gonna be an easy job but this vision holds a big place in my heart.



You will be hearing more from me on this topic and updates about the website including new projects. So stay tuned and thank you for being apart of this journey. 


Till Next Week,

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