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Every designer has a pre-collection ritual. I have heard some awesome stories from my designer friends about what gets their creative juices flowing, and not just your typical research trips to far-away lands.

Some talk about requiring absolute solitude, while some hole-up in libraries with books and books on intriguing subject matter. I personally get inspired with a mix of those things, inspirational trips and lots of photo research get my visual brain stimulated.

I love to put together these massive vision boards of all the ideas I might want to incorporate into a collection. Then little by little I edit it down to a tight group of only what I absolutely love. This makes the vison for the collection focused and thoughtful. I’m always asking myself, what would the Stephanie Kantis woman want? Thinking of you challenges me to create pieces that are always evolving but stay true to the brands core.


Check out one of my personal vision boards that was created for the Fall’ 16 collection. Just looking at this puts me in a mood to conquer the world and find my inner warrior princess. How about you?!


Till next week, 


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