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Looking Forward
Around this time of year, a lot of people like to talk about reflecting on the year that has passed, that’s not me. I want to put attention on the year to come. We must move forward and get laser focused on what we want to accomplish or else another year will pass us by and we’ll be wondering what happened to the goals we made last year.
I like the number three. I pick three healthy new habits I want to create in the new year and map out ways to make them a reality. I thought I would share my three goals with you in hopes that it will inspire you to share yours. It helps make me accountable when I tell other people, try it. Here we go:
  1. Spend the first 20 minutes of every morning, on reflection and stillness. We’re all busy and the day can get away from us, so quickly, if I don’t take that first 20 minutes in the am to focus on myself, I won’t get that time again. I have made it a priority for 2017 to get in my me-time every morning, before I even look at my phone.
  1. Eating foods that fight inflammation. This year I discovered I had a few spine issues and I know that what I eat makes a huge difference in my health. I’ve been educating myself on foods that fight inflammation and I plan on filling my belly with all sorts of goodness.
  1. Do one good deed a day. This will be the game changer. I fully believe that what you give is what you get. I know that doing random acts of kindness makes the receiver and the giver grateful. Paying it forward!
Happy New Year!
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