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I know that Halloween is a huge holiday for super creative decorations. I really enjoy seeing all the amazing creations from baked goods to costume ideas, but this is one holiday that I truly believe that less is more.   Halloween has really turned into more of a gruesome event than the fun light-hearted tradition it once was. I like to focus on clean seasonal decorations for this time of year, it’s my take on a modern Halloween.
One of my favorite tips is to re-think the traditional Jack-o’-lantern. It’s easy to do too. Instead of creating scary faces on the pumpkins, I like to carve out the meat and place beautiful flowers inside, using the pumpkin as a decorative vase. This adds a holiday touch plus you can keep them out all Fall long.   Let me know some of your favorite decorating tips for this time of year, I’d love to hear from you.
Till next week,
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