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For the past few months I have been working on this awesome special project, that I couldn’t talk about, but now it’s time. This past Saturday I featured my very first designer collaboration with my dear friend Christian Siriano. When he asked me to be part of his Spring ’17 fashion show I couldn’t have said yes faster.

Stephanie Kantis Fall 2016 Earrings

Christian and I have been friends and his support on my journey in the fashion industry has been one of the rights lights on this journey. His creativity and designs are filled with so much thought and passion. He has accomplished so much in a such a short amount of time. He is a true inspiration for me and i am sure many of you.

It was a pleasure working with Christian and his team in making these pieces. I felt the jewelry is a real representation of our two brands. Christian is  a lover of all women and his collections empower so many to feel their best. I couldn’t have found a better brand for my first collaboration. 

Till next week, 

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