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Peace Begins with Me

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Peace Begins with Me
Traveling can take a toll on us. It’s exciting to visit family this time of year but sometimes a change of scenery can throw us for a loop. We can start to slack in the rituals that keep us healthy and happy during the year. I have a few secrets I want to share with you this week that have helped me stay sane and healthy during the holidays or whenever you travel.

Keep your morning rituals. Morning is the best time to take a few moments, and set yourself up for the whole day. I find that if I just take 5-20 minutes in my room before I head out to greet my family or friends, I feel so much better. I will spend this time doing any of the following: stretches, yoga, mediating or listening to soft calming music that inspires me. This has become my favorite part of any day. (Side note: I don’t always have room to bring my yoga mat in my luggage so I will use a bath towel instead, works like a charm.)

Aromatherapy is a great and quick way to instantly put yourself in a better mood when away from the comforts of home. The science behind certain smells and how they react with our emotional bodies is amazing. I love to use oils like peppermint and clove to pick me up when I’m feeling sluggish or even to start the day with a bang.
I know cleaning up after yourself can sound like common sense, but I really feel like it’s important to go the extra mile when visiting family or friends. It will do wonders for the energy of the house and being gracious always looks good. Leave everything how you found, even better if you can. I think we all know how much work goes into having house guests, work on being so thoughtful that you receive an invite year after year.
Safe Travels,
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