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Plastic Ocean

It's time again for a little lesson on some environmental issues that are close to my heart. As I mentioned a few weeks back I really want to use this blog as a platform to talk more openly about what is important to me. 


This week I want to talk about one-time use plastic forks, spoons and knives. I have talked to a lot of people that think plastic cutlery is recyclable and it’s not a problem but it is because not everyone recycling them. Here are some shocking statistics


-Food and beverage packaging make up 67 percent of all littler on the streets

-Plastic utensils rank among the top 10 most common trash items

-The ocean contains more than 8 million tons of plastic




Even the idea of making better utensils like biodegradable options made from potato starch aren’t gonna to solve this issue because they cost twice as much and require a lot of water and energy to produce. 


The one way to truly make a difference is to use real forks and knives. China started a BYOC campaign (Bring Your Own Chopsticks) and have seen a lot of improvements. We need to encourage everyone to bring their own utensils and eat at home more. Also let restaurants know when you don’t need plastic utensils so they don’t go to waste.




It won’t take much, we just need everyone on board and thinking about how to lessen the plastic waste our planet has.





Till Next Week,





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