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Starting Slow

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Starting Slow
Happy 2017! It feels exciting and yet a little scary to be at the beginning of a new year already. It feels like just the other day it was 2016...well because it was. Beginnings always bring with them a responsibility to do something great, which can be intimidating. 
I love to take a little break the first week of the year and really ground myself in the goals and changes I want to make during the year. It doesn't all have to get done Right Now. In fact, the rate of people who drop off from their resolutions and goals after the month of January is huge. So why don't we take it slow, and build a solid foundation. 
Let's take care of ourselves this week. During the holidays we did a lot of celebrating, eating, drinking etc. why not focus on health and feeling good this week.  How does that sound? Let me know how you plan on taking care of yourself this week.


With Love,


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