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The Earring Gift Guide

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The Earring Gift Guide

Now, I know a thing or two about women and their jewelry. I know that we're particular about what we like and receiving jewelry that doesn’t truly fit our style is always a bummer. I have so many of my clients ask me what piece of jewelry they should buy for their mother, sister, best friends, aunt, etc. and I have come up with an easy way to make gift giving easier for the ladies in your life.


It should be no surprise to you but the statement earring is huge this year. I have always loved gifting earrings because they fit everyone...perfectly. But even jewelry can be a miss sometimes if you don’t get the right style for the right person. Here is a little guide I created based on the style of that lovely lady you are shopping for.


Ask yourself, is she Minimal, Bohemian, Classic or Trendy?


Once you can answer this question look below and check out some great options I put together for you. Making the holidays easy and stress-free is what I'm all about these days.


Happy Shopping,

The Minimal

Stephanie Kantis Column Chain EarringsStephanie Kantis Round Rock earringsStephanie Kantis Earrings

The Classic

Stephanie kantis earringStephanie Kantis earringsStephanie Kantis Starburst Earrings

The Bohemian  

Stephanie Kantis Stephanie Kantis Stephanie kantis earrings

The Trendy

Stephanie Kantis EarringsStephanie Kantis earringsStephanie Kantis Earrings


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