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The Plastic Problem 

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The Plastic Problem 

I’m back with another installment of let’s save the planet. I came across some very interesting yet a little more scientific facts on how plastics are effecting our planet and I want to share. The more we know the more motivated we are to make a change.




“One of the most ubiquitous and long-lasting recent changes to the surface of our planet is the accumulation and fragmentation of plastics,” explained David Barnes, a lead author and researcher for the British Antarctic Survey.



There is evidence mounting that the chemical building blocks that make plastics so virtual are the same comments that might harm people and the environment. Such as:


-Chemicals added to plastics are absorbed by human bodies. Some of these have been found to alter hormones and have potential health effects.

-Plastic debris is laced with chemicals and get ingested by marine animals, which cannier or poison them.

-Floating plastic waste, can survive for thousands of years in water, can act as mini transportation devices for invasive species.

-Plastic buried deep in the landfills can leach chemicals in the groundwater.




Pretty heavy right? Think about what you can do today or this week to be less depended on plastics. Using a glass bottle at work, stop asking for plastic silverware when you don’t need them, using a glass or steel straw, bringing your own bags to the store, etc.





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