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True Love

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True Love

This week with Valentine’s Day coming right around the corner I thought I would share a little about some of my favorite pieces that have stood by me through thick and thin. The true loves of my jewelry collection. 



Lots of jewelry trends come and go but I count these pieces as those that stand the test of time and always make their way into my daily style season after season, year after year.



I chose pieces from every category because I know how some people can’t live without a beautiful earring or a statement necklace. We all have a certain comfort level when it comes to our style. This of course is true of the clothes we wear but over the years I see it with the jewelry we invest in as well.





I hope you take this as a source of inspiration for the style you have curate dover the years as well as a push to possibly try something new and add a twist to your already careful edited collection.




Till Next Week,




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