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Can you believe that Valentine’s Day is just a little over two weeks away?! With or without a sweetheart, it’s about love for each other, and I can always get behind that.

My favorite ways to spend this day are typically simple. A nice meal, spending time in nature, or a lovely evening out on the town, whatever feels special for my husband and myself. I think a lot of us expect the day to look a certain way and that can be a letdown. I suggest you let your significant other in on your ideas, don’t expect him or her to know what you want or how you want to spend the day. It’s not fair to you or them.

I always love to drop hints for my husband about what I’m currently obsessing over. If he is going to buy me something or spend a bunch of time planning an evening, I know he wants to feel confident that he is going in the right direction. Of course, no matter what he does, I will love it because it's from the heart, but guys tend to go through a lot of stress to make the perfect plans, so why don’t we help them out a little.  

I also get ideas from him about what he wants. I want him to feel as special as he makes me feel, because everyone deserves to feel the love on Valentine’s Day.

PS. If jewelry is on your list this Valentine’s Day check out a few of my favorite pieces. Pass this along to the guys in your life that might need a little help, I’m sure they will thank you.

Till Next Week,
Stephanie Kantis

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